Why We're Often Sold Out

Why We're Often Sold Out

February 18, 2017 0 Comments

First and foremost, we are overwhelmed and thankful for the support. Please don't stop because we wouldn't be here without you. 


We understand how frustrating it must be to not be able to buy what you want. It sucks and we know that being followers of niche brands ourselves. Every time we have new releases we end up being torn between being elated because they are all gone quickly and being heartbroken for those who weren't able to get one.  That being said, we tried to answer this question you often ask us: Why are we often sold out? 


Here are some of the reasons we can think of and a few tips on how you can score our most in-demand products:



We only release what we are head-over-heels in love with. We're picky with prints. We're meticulous during product development working with many prototypes until we have what we are proud to sell. Which one is better - this dress or that dress? This is one question we get a lot and it is always difficult for us to answer because while we throw around the word "favorite" a lot when describing our products it really is because we find every dress we release worthy of being a favorite. 

Our products are priced fairly.

We always try to give you the best possible price. Always! A checkout of p5000 from our shop means you have 6-8 beautiful dresses coming your way. With other big box stores, that's only about 3 dresses. Because everything is priced fairly from the get-go, there's no need to wait for Sales event to buy your littles the prettiest dresses.


Some of our products are introduced in limited run.

There are certain products we will always carry and we try to keep them in stock when our production schedule allows like the Gwen boyfriend shirt and Megan denim top but there are certain styles (especially the printed ones) that will only be available in limited runs. When we say limited, we're talking about 40-50 dresses but even those with more than a hundred pieces available for carting could be gone within 20 minutes of going Live.


What we recommend aside from not waiting when you have your eye on one of our dresses-


1. Order through the webshop.


We welcome manual orders through viber (+639985100568) but most of our products sell out even before we can finish processing 1 manual order. If we have new releases, shopping through lailaandlyra.com is the way to go.


2. Sign up for an account at lailaandlyra.com


Even if an item is in your cart, it isn't reserved. Someone else can grab it! By creating an account and entering your shipping information before the sale of new releases, you will save a ton of checkout time and increase your chances of getting everything in your cart. Once you've added your must-haves to your cart, don't wait too long to checkout. Stock decrement happens only after you've completed checkout.


3. Turn on post notification for Instagram and check our IG stories.


We promise not to spam your notification alerts! At the most, we post twice a day. Our announcements of new arrivals will be on Instagram until we can work on sending out newsletters via email instead. If we have sellable returns we'll announce relist announcements through IG stories. 


4. Fill out the back-in-stock notification form.


If a product is wildly popular and we can still get more of that thread we always prioritize restocking. That's never guaranteed but we always try. Let us know that you would like to be notified when a product becomes available by submitting your email on the back-in-stock notification form. To do this just go to the product, select the size you were looking to order, type in your email and hit "Notify Me" button. By sending us your email you are also letting us know what you'd like to see on the web shop and we can gauge our restocking strategy from there.


Finally, we just want to thank you again for the continued support as we work hard to keep enough inventory in stock. Now for some good news- these are the pieces that may be restocked from our first release of #lailaandlyra2017:



Let us know which sizes would you like to see on the webshop through the back-in-stock notification form!

With love,