#FridayFive: Dear Darla

#FridayFive: Dear Darla

August 03, 2018 0 Comments


Dear Darla,

How much do we love thee? Let us count the ways with the help of our new Darling in Darla round up. ;)

It's always a hard task narrowing down a shortlist for our #fridayfive series but this edition is one of hardest "friday five picking" we had to tackle because there are just many awesome snaps to choose from. Big thanks to all of you for sharing the love for this dress with us! We've gone through different versions and iterations since the very first one that we released in 2016 but it has stood the test of time. All exaggerations aside, there's just no getting used to the excitement we feel every time we see a new Darla dress. It always feels like we're being introduced to it for the first time because every time we think this dress couldn't get any more prettier- it just does. How is that even possible? 

We don't really have the foolproof answer but we can tell you that we always stand on the classic, less-is-more end of the spectrum when it comes to this favorite. It's pretty much a cycle of picking the finest floral prints there is, being tempted of going into the froufrou route, flirting with the idea of making it a little bit more "extra", only to be ultimately won over by that constant voice in our ahead telling us to stick to the same restraint, timeless design we've been doing for a couple of years now. And every time we lay our eyes on a new prototype for the first time, we say a little thank you to that voice. It's a perfect study on restraint that gives us an understated beauty that we just fall in love with over and over again.

Need proof? Continue on below, take in all the beauty and see what got our #lailaandlovers hooked with our dear Darla. 

Phynley @phynleyrae

Blue is not often the first color that comes to mind when we think of florals but Phynley in this Darla version is definitely making a case for floral prints in darker hues. She is looking every bit of a little royal in these captures by mommy Roma of Mhyian's Photo don't you think?


Here's another snap because what's Darla without a little back action?



Bikbik @bikbik.official

We always have our eye on this little missy's photos and this set with Darla dress captured by Richard Gatmaitan is definitely one of our favorites. We can tell that we're not the only ones smitten because our Instagram notification practically blew up when we shared these captures a few moons ago. 

Go big with the florals or go home seems to be the theme here but we're all hats off (pun intended) to mommy Tin for going with that cute little hat to balance the floral extravaganza.



Ysabella @ysabellalouise.raymundo

Ysabella goes for a bit more drama with her matching headpiece and we're definitely taking notes from this little miss when it comes to doing a floral combo. We love us flower crowns that knows their place- to compliment the dress and not steal the spotlight from your little one's face. Minimalism goes out of the window once you've decided to pair a floral headpiece with a floral dress but we can always give a little room for restraint right? A thank you is definitely in order for this little one's stylist (aka her mommy) for the free lecture on florals-on-florals done right complete with such an adorable visual aid.



Gianna @giannacaxx

We know what you're thinking - where was this dress when you needed it for Easter? We definitely agree that this would made a lovely easter dress but alas, it was a little too late to the Easter party. So when this capture of Gianna with her furry friend found its way to our inbox we may have let out a little squeal of delight. Props to Jommy Molina of Euphemia Creatives for bringing us all the springtime feels through this portrait.



Joy, Faith, Love @alleria.athena

If we may be permitted to borrow the words of Darla from Little Rascals, whose very character inspired the name of this dress, this capture "makes us melt like a popsicle in the 4th of July."  It perfectly encapsulates everything we love about our Darla dress- even when it's devoid of any blings or matching accessories, it makes what is already a beautiful, priceless moment even more beautiful. Much like the names of these three sisters, our heart is definitely bursting with Joy, Faith and Love.

if you missed out on our Darla Athena release, additional inventory for preorder will be loaded on the site tomorrow, Aug 4.
How's that for a sweet ending our Friday musings? 
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