Thank you!

Thank you!

September 07, 2017 0 Comments

Dear Laila & Lyra Lover, 

Thank you for helping us grow. Because of you, 2017 is shaping up to our best year yet! The best part feels like we are just getting started! 

All summer we did everything to delight you. We also did everything we can to line our shelves with your favorite dresses but it could barely scratch the surface of demand from the growing friends of our brand. To those who have been "brokenhearted" after each releases, we heard you loud and clear! Starting this month, we are happy to share that most of our new launches would have four times more inventory than what we usually load in our shelves. We never had any interest in being a high volume store but having grown two orders of magnitude since we started, we've invested in making sure that we'd be able to get our goodies to as many hands as possible. This means we're also expanding our size range to include baby and big girls sizes for most styles. There might be even something for little gents from the soon-to-be released aw2017 collection. ;) 

We're not saying the beauties you have your eye on will never sell out. We've said before that we only release what we are head-over-heels in love with and you can bet that that still stands true today. What we can guarantee is that there will be less of you stuck with that Out of Stock notice during checkout and that we'll learn from this new beginning and waste no time in going back to the drawing board and make adjustments if needed. 

Lastly, because you’ve shown us so much love this year, we’re sending MORE love back! If you've been keeping an eye on our IG stories, you may have heard about it- our loyalty rewards program will be rolled out this September! An explainer page with the lowdown on how it works and the finer prints will be up at the storefront soon. At the moment, we're busy making it great with rewards that are within reach and with special consideration for the purchases you've made in the past. Like the sound of that? Let us know the kind of rewards you'd like to see & enjoy. We'd love to know the best way we can thank you for your support, feedback, and understanding all summer, and as always!


Toasting for you and new beginnings,